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How Digital Marketing is Changing Health Services

What exactly is “Health Care Digital Marketing” and why is it changing the way that the health care services operate and market themselves?

Over the last five years we have observed a noticeable shift in the way that health care businesses market and attract new customers online. While it may seem like a gradual change for an industry that is prone to making leaps and bounds, the shift in the way that these businesses market themselves cannot be overlooked.

What the Data Says

According to the SEO Specialist Sydney, the meteoric rise in healthcare businesses can be attributed to changes in consumer behaviours. Web platforms such as WEBMD have revolutionised the way that individuals look at health care, and as such, changed the way that users seek out health care services.

The latest data from 2021 suggests that independent health care practices will invest more than 63% of their total marketing budget into digital services. With the largest amount being invested into search engine optimisation services, paid advertising through Google Ads, and social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. From the health care businesses that were included in the study, more than 87% of them observed a reduced cost per acquisition compared to traditional advertising mediums.

Growth in the Spotlight

The rise in online marketing practices for health care providers has not always been met with positive encouragement. Some professionals have warned that digital marketing is facilitating the growth of new businesses that are being observed as industry leaders in health care, when in reality, they may just be the industry leaders in marketing.


One thing that we cannot overstake is the efficacy of digital marketing in the current economic condition. Health care service providers that invested in digital marketing in 2020 observed a steady state of operation in one of the most challenging years in recent history for Australian businesses.

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